High resolution NDVI technology is now at your fingertips at an affordable price.  

The nature of using a UAV for NDVI mapping, means timing of flying your paddock can suit your timeframe, when you want it. (seasonal bookings required)

Science and technology can help you now understand, how your paddock or block is performing. Is it performing how you like ? Where do you look for the hidden issues ? How much time do you waste looking in the wrong locations ? 

You now have full control over all of the above questions !

Crop Stress



Growers can now gain an insight into exactly how their crop is performing using NDVI, (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) photos.

The wavelength technology provided through NIR can show you how stressed your crop is 2-3 weeks earlier than the human eye can detect. 

The aerial perspective advantage also gives the added benefit of overlooking the complete paddock that we never see at that height.

Grower Benefits

  • Scouting large areas quickly and accurately
  • Establishment of germination
  • Pin point areas of plant stress
  • Establish soil constraints - salt, shallow, drainage
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Irrigation deficiencies
  • Non-wetting areas
  • Establish soil disease areas
  • Establish fungal foliar disease areas
  • Establish root disease areas
  • Establish insect presence or damage
  • Establish low organic matter zones, sandhills
  • Create harvest zones for improved grain grades and profit / MT
  • Integrate VRT / GPS technology for cost saving benefits
  • Balance paddock agronomy to maximise total output

Maximise your input costs

Manually: use images provided by Balanced Ag Consulting to adjust your processes to target problem areas within your crops. This may range from where you apply fertiliser, fungicide or herbicide applications.

Variable Rate Technology: use software to automatically adjust where to adjust nutrition levels according to image results. Along with where to spray summer weeds or apply fungicides according to plant stress levels


Increase Profit Margins $ / Ha. - Using Variable Rate Technology to reduce inputs on less performing areas of the paddock, that are shallow or have soil constraints issues.

High resolution NDVI mapping data will guide you with PRECISION.