How it Works

AgEagle UAV technology
Pivot NIR and NDVI technology


After arriving on site, we will have a briefing session with yourself or the farm manager.

We will then set a flight path to scan the paddock, pivot or block, launch the plane and it will do the rest.

NDVI imagery provides critical crop information that is not visible to the naked eye. Plants may appear green, however they may not be maximising their full photosynthesis potential, thus effecting yield, quality and profit.

NDVI Imagery:

NDVI imagery is basically a coloured representation of how much chlorophyll or biomass your crop has. It is derived from using a NIR (near infrared) camera, which captures a different light wavelength humans don't see.

The high resolution NDVI image, will show very accurate information within a paddock. It indicates which areas are absorbing sunlight to grow yield and which areas need amending to improve crop health and maximise yield.

Core crop monitoring features:

  • Crop stress
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Soil constraint zones
  • Insect presence and damage
  • Soil disease zones
  • Spray drift
  • Vermin

**See Application page for further monitoring and imagery benefits


Wheat NIR
Plant Nutrition
Plant Nutiriton
NDVI Imagery


Your data

You will be provided with a "Crop Health Assessment Report" that has templates for you to follow and use: These include:

- Crop scouting

- Early Detection : Early Correction

- Nutrition application profile guide

- Soil amendment profile guide - OM ? or pH locations to check

- Couple of aerial RGB colour HD photos of the paddock

- Depending on crop, a sap Nitrate reading.

The coloured imagery system is very easy to follow and aids you in ground truthing your crop. Whether it be you, your farm manager or your agronomist, a systems approach can be implemented in analysing the data and creating actionable plans to diagnose and rectify the problems.


With your newly acquired data you will be able to adjust your inputs for maximum yield potential.

With some software analysis and adjustment, your VRT systems may be able to be compatible with files and creating zoning applications.

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