NIR crop stress images

High resolution NDVI mapping has multiple uses for growers and industry to benefit from. 

NDVI is a "Management Tool", and it is how you use it for your advantage that makes you the most money. 

As you can see below, the information can be used widely to provide valuable data and save enormous amount of your time with various issues.

Core data monitoring reasons:

NDVI Crop Stress
Nutrition Nitrogen
Insect Damage / Presence
Disease - Soil / Foliar
Soil Constraints

You can also use the UAV data to target these reasons which will
collectively increase your yield / profit and reduce your costs:

Frost Damage
Irrigation Efficiencies
Harvest Grade Quality
Crop Drift
Farm Monitoring - Vermin / Vegetation
Summer Weeds
Pasture Management
Product / Trial Evaluation
Increase Land Value
Increase Stock Carry Capacity
Tie Together = More Profit