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The future of farming is here NOW !

Are you looking for your next edge to increase yield, profit margins and quality with predictability?

Take advantage of aerial spectral technology now, that helps you define how you manage your paddock, crop and inputs.



What we do - Balanced Ag Consulting specialises in High resolution NDVI mapping technology, which creates "Crop Health Assessment Reports".

Benefits to you - These reports will help you increase your profit margins $ / ha, by showing you all the hidden low profitable or stressed areas of your crop. Ground truthing areas early will help with making more informed agronomic decisions.

Your actionable data - The high resolution map with show accurate locations to take soil / leaf  or disease tests from, to help diagnose what the crop production limiting factor is.

Validate trials - High resolution NDVI will validate whether fertiliser, foliar nutrition, fungicides or other trials work on your farm and soil type. Imagine the benefits of adding some science behind the trial.

 Benefits for you are: Increase profit margins / ha

1. By boosting the poor performing areas with the correct tested nutrition early, will help build a higher yield potential. Addressing these issues will flow onto all future crops in that paddock.

2. Making better agronomic decisions from ground truthing and monitoring specific locations that are maybe not always checked.

3. Reduce inputs ($) / ha by using Variable Rate Technology to avoid blanket applications of products over the paddock. Some soil areas just wont produce the full potential yield due to varying soil constraints or issues.

 4. Build a fertility plan for your paddock to help make it more uniform in production for yield, protein, nutrient density for dairy pastures or export hay production, and seed production to name a few.


An NDVI image can show you how stressed your plants are
approximately 2-3 weeks earlier than the human eye can detect.

Imagine the extra tonnage and profits associated with correcting problems earlier and in a more precise manner, saving time and money.

This is the fastest way to scan your paddocks in real time to
determine where and how to apply best practice agronomic technology.

Precision is key to your PROFITS

By using GPS referenced pictures and software, Variable Rate Technology (VRT)
can also be utilised which aids in maximising inputs and thus yield, quality and profits

Data from the UAV can be used on various crops:
  • Cereals - wheat / barley
  • Canola
  • Pulse Crops
  • Onions
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Almonds
  • Vines
  • Oranges
  • Lucerne
  • Melon Crops
  • Export Hay Production

 Wavelength Technology